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It’s Time to Call a Trusted Tree Provider

A tree’s health is crucial to its overall condition. In the end, trees are the fundamental components of the landscape design. A tree service can help you through the process of caring for your trees. However, when is the perfect time to call a trusted tree provider? To give you an idea, take time to read the following. Here are common signs that your tree is in trouble:

Disorderly Growth

When the top branches of a tree are dead or dying, the branches beneath may be affected. It will lead to a generalized condition of the tree. To stop this from happening, you should get a tree expert to assess your trees. They will know how to provide the proper tree care and maintenance.

Diseased Branches

Tree diseases like dieback and canker can be challenging to identify without professional help. However, various signs can help you determine if your tree has a disease or needs a TLC. In either instance, it’s well worth seeing a professional to help you sort things out. A reputable tree provider can help you identify diseased branches and what’s causing the disease.

Pest Infestation

Trees are great homes for many different types of pests. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has identified more than 100 kinds of pests that can make their homes in a tree. Many of these pests can carry various diseases that can spread through contact with human or animal skins and other plants. Treatment for pests includes trying several pesticides and hosing the tree down. Hiring a professional tree provider can help you find the source of the pest infestation and then provide you with treatment.

When you notice these signs, make sure to contact a professional tree service provider right away. Crestwood Tree Services is one of the trusted tree providers in Los Angeles, CA. For more details, contact us at (310) 488-0583 now!

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