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The Stump Removal Service Is a Part of Our Complete Tree Removal Service

There are several situations when immediate tree cutting and stump removal services are necessary. Most of the time, the need to remove trees is not immediate. However, certain circumstances, such as those we mentioned below, make it imperative to call for emergency tree removal services. Stay on this page to find out what Crestwood Tree Services in Los Angeles, CA can do for you.

Specialized Stump Removal in Los Angeles, CA

1. Stick Trees

Fungi, pests, and viruses can find their way into your trees and kill them from the inside. Unhealthy trees may seem like an eyesore, but diseased ones can be hazardous. You should call for a tree assessment service if you have sick trees. Only a professional such as Crestwood Tree Services can help determine if your tree should be removed or treated. Some of the signs that your trees are beyond saving include the following:

  • Holes in the bark
  • Peeling bark
  • Seeping fluid
  • Powdery white mildew
  • Wilted or spotted leaves
  • Gall

2. Storm Hit

Call for emergency tree removal and stump removal services if there is a wind storm forecast. Damaged and dead trees can create dangerous situations that can be easily avoidable if you take measures upfront. Our arborists will be happy to come to help you take down the unwanted trees and clean up your property of the debris.

3. Leaning Trees

Some trees grow leaning over structures without causing any danger. However, if they suddenly start leaning to one side, show cracks, or lean at a noticeable angle, they could fall. It is an indication that you must call for an emergency tree removal and stump removal service.

These were just a few of the situations when you benefit from the expertise of our friendly and knowledgeable arborists. Whatever your needs might entail, be it the immediate need for a tree removal service or something else, you can always count on Crestwood Tree Services to match them. Based on Los Angeles, CA, we travel throughout the entire region. Call (310) 693-5215 to speak with us.

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