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About Our Excellent Emergency Tree Service

Crestwood Tree Services offers an emergency tree service day or night for the people of Los Angeles, CA and customers from the surrounding areas. We understand the time-sensitive nature of structurally unsound trees or broken limbs and trees that can cause safety issues. Our arborists are equipped with everything necessary to help customers even in the most precarious situations.

Dedicated Tree Service in Los Angeles, CA

Fallen trees and limbs can pose potentially severe problems to the people on your property and structures, and our tree service providers can handle all the work with precision. We offer tree removal and yard clearance. No matter what time of the day or night, when you need assistance, turn to us. We can help you!

Heavy winds and storms cause havoc on the environment and urban forests, causing falling trees to create damage and obstruction. Distressed limbs and fallen trees can cause liability issues and safety hazards. With arborists ready to take action immediately, we, at Crestwood Tree Services, can be at your service within minutes. We typically respond instantly, depending on the area and drive time.

The cost for the emergency tree service will depend on factors such as where the limbs have fallen, how big it is, how accessible it is to remove, whether the entire tree needs cutting down, and more. For emergency work, we include the price for the travel and some additional costs for specialized equipment. We value transparency, so we will let you know in advance how much it will cost you.

We have experience with emergency tree removals and hazardous situations. We encourage you to seek the assistance of our expert tree service providers for your news in Los Angeles, CA. They can deliver solutions to match your expectations and ensure your total satisfaction. If you need help now, do not delay! Call (310) 693-5215.

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